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Fall 2022 Registration!


Choose your program

 (If you have any questions please contact us at

1. Baltimore Bows one-year beginner orchestra program

(ages 7-12 from the first note including a free instrument loan!) 

2. Chamber Encounters Music Academy Orchestras

For ages 7+ on Tuesday evening (2nd year and up)

3. Private lessons for ALL AGES (Including adults and young children!) 

     NEW!!!! We now offer Voice and Piano lessons!


4. Small chamber groups available (Option for gender separated groups and flexible scheduling)



To view our price list and package options click here!

(Financial aid offered)


Refund policy

(Per enrollment agreement form)

Chamber Encounters divides its programming into two seasons: Fall season
(September through the Winter concert), and Spring season (January through the Spring concert). Chamber Encounters makes hiring decisions and programming schedules based on enrollment at the beginning of each season. Accordingly, no refunds will be provided for the Fall season. If the student will not continue for the Spring season, you must notify Chamber Encounters by mid-December, and Chamber Encounters will refund you for the remainder of the prepaid fees, minus a $30 administration and processing fee. Experience has shown us that the majority of students that struggle become incredibly motivated and inspired by performing in the Winter concert, and end up continuing and becoming some of our best pupils.

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