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Mission Statement

Baltimore Bows is a children’s string music program dedicated to strengthening families and community through the power and beauty of music in a high quality, nurturing and stimulating setting. Our musical and social environment stimulates the children to be enthusiastic and motivated, leading to a fast paced learning experience. The Baltimore Bows aims to give the opportunity of good musical education to children that could not attend other programs for financial or religious reasons. Students come together twice weekly for string music instruction and an orchestral experience. Baltimore Bows is growing at an exponential pace. Families, schools and concert halls that were once silent are now “alive with the sound of music”.


Our teachers are conservatory trained, musically active and have years of teaching experience. They nurture the students’ musical abilities and technical foundation while empowering them with the human values of music playing. Ensemble playing and working together harmoniously are emphasized.  Through Baltimore Bows, our students form lasting friendships and a stronger community. The children gain valuable skills in their instruments as well as in cooperation, literacy, coordination, artistry, team work and more.


Baltimore Bows is inclusive of children who for religious or financial reasons would not be able to attend other music programs. All of our rehearsals and events are scheduled around religious holidays. In addition, the program is heavily subsidized making participation possible for families who cannot afford the costs of instruments and music lesson tuition. In this way, we are better able to achieve our goal of bringing music to every home in our community. 

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